our DNA

We differentiate ourselves from fast fashion by creating handcrafted garments designed to last over time and to reduce the environmental impact.

The name + Three °°° is a symbol of the increase in average temperatures by the end of the century

+ Three °°° symbolizes the increase in average temperatures predicted by the UN by the end of the century if the current situation does not change.

In the historical moment in which we find ourselves, the concepts of ecology and sustainability are conditio sine qua non to be present on the market.
With + Three °°° we want to launch this message: we work to ensure that the increase in average temperatures (already at + 1.1 ° C) does not reach the expected levels

+Three°°° is:







Ethical Sustainability

It is necessary to guarantee well-being conditions for the workforce: safety, health, equal treatment, inclusion, access to parental leave and adequate wages for each employee. We want our company to have a positive impact and complete transparency towards all our stakeholders.

Environmental sustainability

We intend to make the entire production process sustainable: from the procurement of materials, to assembly, distribution, use and product waste. We are inspired by the Cradle to Cradle business model.

Economic Sustainability

The Sustainability Report will highlight our objectives to ensure total transparency. The results will mainly concern the consumption of water and energy and the control of carbon dioxide emissions, trying to reach the Carbon Neutral goal as soon as possible.


+Three°°° nasce dal progetto AmazonLife, un’idea nata in Brasile nel 2005


Il Progetto

AmazonLife nasce in Brasile da un’idea di Guido Fienga e Paolo Dal Pino


La collaborazione

Inizia la collaborazione con Braccialini e nasce +Three°°°


Il Viaggio

Il Viaggio in Amazzonia offre una visione completa sulle tematiche chiave per il progetto


La Mostra

A seguito del viaggio in Amazzonia viene organizzata la mostra AmazonLife in diverse città italiane