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Native collection is manufactured in precious natural rubber. a completely organic material obtained from the rubber trees’ latex, in a hand-made craftsmanship process respecting the Brazilian Amazon Forest Siringueros ancestors’ tradition.

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We select only organic or certified recycled materials, and we apply them in manufacturing process studied to guarantee the least environmental impact possible.


products are made to last. Every piece is crafted to ensure high quality performance and durability.


products are made to last. Every piece is crafted to ensure high quality performance and durability.


Respect for work practices and workers. We work together with artisans and entrepreneurs allover the world to enhance and boost local traditional techniques/know-how and support local, smallscale communities and organisations. Ethics is not only about human beings, which is why we have chosen to use exclusively cruelty-free materials and not of animal origin.


How we make a difference

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Long lasting fashion

Change starts in each of us.
That’s why we engage in developing and manufacturing handbags made to last and we encourage our customers to good habits, like repairing and correct end of life disposal of the bag.

Free repair

Up to 5 years after purchase—2 years of warranty plus 3 of free repair, to all registered newsletter
subscribers. We commit to repair for free your bag to bring it back to its original beauty.

Take back service

At the end of its life, we accept (collect) your bag back to ensure it is disposed of in an environmentally safe and respectful way.

We take care of your future

We create bags and accessories with A watchful eye to sustainability ad long-term quality. Were firmly believe in ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing. We have chosen to produce our bags in Italy ensuring maximum transparency in all production stages. We give life only to high quality goods, using raw materials which have the least environmental impact possible and maximum respect for the planet and all living species