Circularity & Trasparency

We choose materials with care, supporting disadvantaged communities around the world and our ecosystem


92% of the plastic that enters the oceans is made up of macroplastics. Left alone, these plastics decompose into microplastics that enter the food chain, permeating all species, including ourselves. The nylon we use is made from plastics recovered by cleaning oceans around the world.

• NETTLE: soft, resistant and breathable like linen. It is a natural fiber, 100% biodegradable and its cultivation does not require the use of herbicides and anti-parasites.

• HEMP: allows you to create a fabric that is more resistant to mechanical action, wear, tear and deformation than any other natural fabric. Hemp plantations do not need aggressive treatments with pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

• BAMBOO: has a very low environmental impact, in fact it consumes 1/3 of the water of most crops and very often only needs rainwater; it has minimal carbon dioxide emissions and emits a large amount of oxygen

• ALGAE: Sea-Cell fibers, taken from the underwater plant only the part that is able to regenerate.

• TENCEL: fiber obtained from the cellulose of wood, thanks to an environmentally friendly chemical process, in which the use of energy and
of resources reduced to a minimum.

• TREETAP (natural rubber): Rubber is an authentically vegetable leather obtained from the latex of the trees of the rainforests
Amazonian, is handmade by the Indians and represents an alternative for economic development for the population. Treetap is natural and biodegradable.

100% with metal free colors.

material based on innovative raw materials from renewable natural sources (oleochemical processes and derived from plant-based biomasses).

Production processes

Our eco-sustainable production processes useful to the disadvantaged communities of today’s society are also verified and recognized by the ‘Workplace Condition Assessment’ certificate

"Workplace Condition Assessment”

the “Workplace Condition Assessment” certificates from QUIMA and INTERTEK


Packaging obtained from natural and recycled materials
low environmental impact through the use of natural and recycled materials.

Delivery GoGreen

A climate neutral GoGreen expedition
We use DHL GoGreen shipments to counteract the CO2 footprint

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