Social Impact

+ Three °°° embraces ethical work, supports the communities it works with and supports people in disadvantaged conditions through socially useful projects.
From researching the raw material to production, we are committed to preserving traditions and supporting the local development of the lands and communities we collaborate with.
Respect for human rights, safety and serenity at work are the basis of our daily work.
We believe in young people, in the future and in respect for the next generations.
We build relationships with other brands, NGOs and associations to create a system and join forces, with the aim of helping to create a better world and have a positive impact on society.

Our mission is inspired by the Code of Conduct of the Ethical Fashion Initiative

Projects & Collaborations

V World Day of the Poor

On November 12, 2021, + Three °°° participated in the V World Day of the Poor celebrated in Assisi by Pope Francis, and contributed by donating 500 backpacks to needy people from all over Europe. At the end of the meeting, a moment of testimonies, reflections and prayers, Pope Francis listened with interest to the story that animates the + Three °°° project, greatly appreciating the commitment to the Indian peoples of the Amazon. The Holy Father has also signed two backpacks, one of which will be auctioned from January 3, 2022 to raise funds to support the populations of Africa and the Amazon.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative creates and strengthens social enterprises in emerging economies to connect the most demanding international brands in fashion, interiors and fine food with talented local designers, artisans and micro-producers.

Cartiera is a social cooperative and creative laboratory of ethical fashion near Bologna, which trains people in disadvantaged conditions by producing accessories in leather and fabric and collaborating with important fashion brands. + Three °°° actively contributes to carrying out projects with Cartiera to facilitate disadvantaged communities

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Where we operate

Environmental sustainability

Amazonia, Africa and Central Asia, we offer concrete help to local populations


Headquarters in Florence

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